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June 15,2020

The Impact of Static Electricity on Businesses

Everyone remembers the fun trick we used to do as kids where we rub the balloon and make the hairs on your hair stand up. When used improperly, the same static electricity that was enjoyable as a child can be harmful. The airborne gas can be ignited by the sparks from static shocks in those circumstances, resulting in a potentially hazardous explosion. People who wear pacemakers may also be at risk from static shocks in extremely rare instances.

How Static Electricity Works

Atoms are made up of electrons with a negative charge, protons with a positive charge, and naturally charged neutrons. In most cases, the charge of the electrons and protons is balanced because they are equal. As a result, most of the stuff around us is neutral to electricity. In any case, electrons are so small in mass, the friction causes loose bonds in electrons to append to different surfaces. This, for instance, frequently occurs when two surfaces rub against one another. Ions are formed when the surface with lost electrons takes on a positive charge and the surface with gained electrons takes on a negative charge. Any opportunity to shed additional electrons will be taken advantage of by an ion when it comes into contact with another substance. Electrostatic discharge, or ESD, refers to the rapid movement of electrons.

Dangers of Static Electricity

There will be more static electricity the dryer the season. Because there is nowhere for the charge to dissipate in the air, it occurs much more frequently in the late fall and winter. In business spaces where there is hardware that works on gas or other combustible material or at air terminals, friction-based electricity can be genuinely dangerous. These fuels' airborne particles have the potential to light up and explode with just one spark. Electronics can become fried as a result of static discharge in workplaces where there is no flammable material in the air because it may create unconventional electrical bridges between various nodes.

How to Avoid Static Electricity

It's beyond difficult to completely dispense with static charges altogether from your business, however, there are things you can do to limit them, including:

  • Utilizing static floor mats where conceivable, and treating rugs and floors with mixtures to diminish the development of static charges.
  • Using a spray that is labeled as non-static forming for cleaning printed circuit boards.
  • Keep at least a minimum distance of four inches between all synthetic materials and electronics.
  • Wear a static wrist strap that is grounded to the device's frame when handling delicate electronic devices.
  • Make sure that your equipment's grounding system has a low impedance so that ESD currents can flow to an earthing reference.

A commercial electrician is a qualified electrician that focuses on wiring and electrical equipment in stores and businesses. If there are dangers of static electricity in your business, a commercial electrician from HomeOps Electric is whom you should call. It is essential to be cautious, knowledgeable, and aware in order to avoid damage caused by static electricity. Make sure your commercial facility is adequately protected from power surges and electrical storms by contacting an electrician from our team.