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January 13,2023

Signs It’s Time for Repair Your Electrical Panel

Unless we need to flip a circuit breaker, the majority of us rarely consider our electrical panels. But because the electrical panel is one of your home's most important electrical points, you need to make sure you keep an eye on it to make sure it works right. Take a look at the list our professionals have compiled of warning signs to assist you in determining when electrical panel repair is required.

Burnt Smell

If you notice a burnt or burning odor in or around your electrical panel, you should always be concerned right away. When circuit breaker panels fail, serious house fires can break out and kill everyone on your property as well as your neighbors. As the electrical wire's plastic jacket melts or the wood and insulation in your walls become scorched, the burning smell will typically be either plastic or wood. Check for any damage caused by the fires and determine if anything can be repaired. If none of the components are salvageable, you need to replace your electrical panel right away.

Lights Flickering Frequently

When the weather is bad, it's normal for lights to flicker. This can happen when there is a power outage. In this scenario, your light bulb's power is cut off for a few milliseconds. In such circumstances, this is typical. However, if this occurs frequently, even in conditions of perfect weather, it indicates a malfunctioning electrical system. In fact, it is one of the early indications of more serious electrical issues. Schedule an electrical panel repair with Mr. Electric immediately to avoid causing further problems.

Breakers Tripping

In order to safeguard you from circuits that are consuming an excessive amount of power, circuit breakers are designed to trip and cut off the flow of electricity. While this design shields you from the negative effects of sending too much power through your electrical system, it may also indicate that your electrical panel needs to be repaired. You may experience frequently tripped breakers as a result of an electrical panel that is unable to accommodate the sufficient electrical flow. With the help of an affordable electrician, you can have your inadequate panel replaced instead of having to constantly turn a breaker back on.

Rust on Electrical Panel

Rust on your electrical panel is a clear indication of damage. Any rust indicates that your panel has been damaged by water, which poses a serious threat to your electricity supply. In addition to replacing the rusted panel, it is essential to determine the source of the water damage, whether it was a roof leak or a problem with your pipes. You'll be able to shield your new electrical panel from water damage this way.

Overheating Appliances

Electrical panels that aren't working right could send too much electricity to appliances, causing them to overheat. Your appliances may also overheat as a result of an overloaded outlet. Deteriorated wiring insulation and weak connections are also to blame. If only one of your appliances frequently gets hot, that's probably the problem. However, if a lot of your appliances start to overheat, it's time to hire an electrician. They will determine whether the problem is specific to particular outlets or the electrical panel itself.

When it comes to maintaining your electrical system, hiring the best electricians is essential. Mr. Electric has skilled electricians who are prepared to assist you with any upcoming electrical projects.