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November 27,2021

Can Electrical Wiring Be Water Damaged?

The question of whether or not the electrical system has been weakened comes to mind whenever there's water damage in a home or business. Poking around in the wrong place or flipping the wrong switch can have devastating effects because water and electricity are a dangerous combination that could even result in death. However, you may not immediately notice the damage. It's harder to spot flaws when electrical wires are hidden. Contact a dependable electrician from Mr. Electric to have the home's electrical wiring examined, evaluated, and repaired if you notice any water damage near the electrical wires.

Dangers of Damaged Wiring

  • Fire Hazard – The wires may become exposed and corrode due to water. The exposure of the wires may result in the sparking of two or more wires when they come into contact. The spark has the potential to easily start a fire, destroy the entire house, or worse, kill residents.
  • Electrical Shock – There are numerous ways that an electric shock can occur. Neglecting electrified tools, equipment, or standing water can all result in a bad zap, and you run the risk of suffering serious injuries.
  • Corrosion – Metals like wires are fragile. They rust or corrode when they come into contact with air and water. Corroded wires may not properly conduct electricity. They can make their way through insulation and expose themselves. Corrosion causes equipment or the wiring system to break down.
  • Permanent DamageElectrical wiring and electricity aren't necessarily hard to understand, but they are very specific. Damage from water, for example, can change the way your circuitry is made and cause power surges and other problems that can kill your appliances in a matter of seconds.

Identify Water Damaged Wiring

In general, a professional should immediately replace any wires that have come into contact with standing water. You may be able to move the wires with heavy-duty work gloves if and only if you have submerged wires that have dried out and have been completely shut off from the power source. This is not recommended, only do this if leaving the wire poses a risk that needs to be addressed right away. If not, leave it up to a professional electrician. Never take a chance that could end badly for you or anyone else.

An additional sign to look out for is the sound of buzzing. You might hear a hum or light buzzing sound coming from various appliances or wires after heavy rain. If it's buzzing, don't even try to handle it. This indicates that it is carrying a rogue charge that will quickly strike you if you get too close. Avoid a pool of water in which a buzzing wire is present as well. Water is just as dangerous as the wire itself because it readily carries a charge.

Home Wiring Needs

Water damage is not something to take lightly; electricity and water are not meant to be combined. Turn off the main power source, clean the area, and let it dry when you notice a water spill near or on wiring or an electric source. Next, call Mr. Electric to inspect and repair the water damage done to your electrical wires.