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June 29,2017

Electrical Checklist When Remodeling

Planning to remodel your kitchen? The bathroom? It does not matter whether you plan to remodel a single room or the whole house, you must make sure the electrical groundwork is solid. The electrical system is especially important in our day in age as technology and electronics are ubiquitous. If you are like most homeowners, you probably know the bare minimum about the electrical system – and that’s okay! Mr. Electric of Fort Worth has you covered here with an electrical checklist when remodeling. If you want to consult with a professional electrician, then feel free to call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. We are happy to schedule flexible appointments or arrange a rapid dispatch.

The Modern Kitchen’s Electrical Needs

You’ve got the kitchen accessories, the appliances, the lights, the exhaust fans, the spotlights, the under-cabinet lights, the spotlights, and so on! All of these make your kitchen experience so much more convenient, but they rely on the electrical system. One missing or faulty outlet and you might be washing dishes by hand!

When you get to planning the kitchen remodeling, you should clearly layout the placement of outlets and lights. Where do you want the blender to be? Do you want the light switch to be high up or somewhere around the hip to accommodate everyone? Are you interested in the variety of light types from recessed lights and pendant lights to cabinet lighting and track lights? There are also spotlights and the essential lamp fixtures.

Let’s dig deeper into the circuits and wiring. Some appliances might require their own circuits and sub-panels. Heavy appliances such as the oven will call for 220-volt outlets. These are all things you should consider when planning your kitchen remodeling.

Your Living Rooms and Bedrooms

If you are like most people, then you spend the majority of your time in the living room or the bedroom. Here, you have your television, lights, fans, and so forth. Like the kitchen, these rooms require multiple outlets, possibly of varying voltages, and these outlets may require multiple electrical circuits. You also want internet and cable connections for reliable service. Wi-Fi is great, but ethernet cables provide greater reliability, security, and speed.

The Bathroom

Electricity and water don’t get along, so you won’t find too much electrical work in the bathroom. However, the electrical work that is in the bathroom must be secure to the highest degree. When planning your bathroom remodeling, consider the type of bathtub and the number of outlets you will need. If multiple household members will be getting ready at the same time, you need to have enough outlets to accommodate all of those hairdryers, electrical toothbrushes, and so forth. Of course, you cannot forget to layout the placement of lights.

Your Outdoor Living Space

You can’t overlook the yard! If you plan to have plenty of lights, a sprinkler system, or even a hot tub on the patio or deck, then your house must be wired properly. Layout where you want that lighting and plan your remodeling accordingly.

Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth

Putting your imagination to paper is your job but we sincerely recommend that you leave the electrical work to trained electricians in Bedford. Electricity is a volatile element and electrocutions, electrical fires, and fatalities are serious realities. Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to consult with a representative and arrange a consultation or schedule an appointment. We are also happy to dispatch as soon as possible for emergency situations.