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April 22,2019

Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in a House

Wiring is the backbone of any home electrical system. It is responsible for supplying power to all the devices in your household. But if it malfunctions, it can cause a fire or make your electric bills go up. The crew at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, TX, provide dependable electrical services for local property owners. Our local electricians offer comprehensive and reliable solutions and are available to help with any home improvement project, including home electrical wiring upgrades. Many people don't know how to identify signs of bad electrical wiring in their house, but there are some tell-tale signs that you can look out for to avoid future problems with faulty wiring.

The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Breakers are designed to stop the flow of electricity when a circuit is overloaded. When the circuit breaker trips, it tells you that the current demand on the circuit is too high and exceeds what that breaker is set to handle. There are many reasons why this could happen, including if something grounds out inside the box, an overloaded appliance, or a faulty wire.

Multiple Lights That Flicker

We recommend checking for lights that flicker, buzz, or dim regularly. If your lights dim when you are using an appliance, this usually means that the voltage of the power supplied to that device is too low. Likewise, you should turn off any items that buzz or make a noise. If they're on, there may be some sort of short circuit.

Electrical Outlets Are Hot to the Touch

Do you feel like your outlets are too warm? An issue with faulty wiring in a house can be a dangerous thing. If left unchecked, it can lead to appliances catching fire. Therefore, if your outlets seem to be warm, it is wise to have an electrician come over and inspect them for any faulty wiring.

You Can See Damaged Wires

A broken wire is a hazardous situation, not only for the individual who encounters the wire but also for those nearby. The exposed wire will create an open circuit, leading to electrical arcing or "flashing over" to other objects. When the circuit is complete, it may create a spark that can cause fires.

You Smell Plastic Burning

Wiring near outlets can cause fire damage without warning. The wires can start to melt or burn up near the outlet, which can lead to damage to your home. If you notice that your home electrical wiring has begun to burn, it's best to unplug all of the electronics in that outlet and contact local electricians to fix the problem.

Do You Need Help with Your Home Electrical Wiring Issues?

Faulty electrical wiring is any wiring that does not function as designed. Most faulty electrical wiring occurs when the wire is incorrectly installed but is sometimes also caused by improper use of the wire. Outdated or damaged electrical wiring is a concern that homeowners need to be aware of because it can put your property at risk. If you're concerned that your electrical system isn't up to code, call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, and we'll help you schedule a service appointment with our experienced North Texas area electricians.