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December 04,2017

How to Replace a Pool Light Bulb

Your home pool is a safe place where you can have alone time with your loved ones and friends. Swimming in a pool with proper lighting is fun and enjoyable especially during night parties. Pool lights placed at the base of the pool can create an appealing and charming environment, especially at night. A romantic date at the pool is also possible thanks to the attractive appeal created by the underwater lighting. 

Steps to Follow During Pool Light Change

Most homeowners do not know that pool lighting replacement is not as straightforward as changing a standard light bulb. The process requires you to have some insight into how pool lights work and the safest way to carry out the light bulb change. If at any point you feel uncomfortable carrying out the process, you should contact nearby electricians in Arlington TX from Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to carry out the pool lighting replacement.

1. Turn off the Electricity

Anytime you operate electricity and water, you should always consider safety before and throughout the process. It is recommended that you stick to special precautions during the pool lighting replacement to avoid disaster and electrocution. 

We recommend that you start by turning off the electricity to the area you plan to carry out the replacement. The switch-off button is most likely in the circuit breaker. If you are not sure what switch is linked to the pool, you should switch off the main switch of the house.

2. Assemble Equipment

It is best if you have a new light bulb, a screwdriver, towels, circuit testers, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and a lens gasket before starting the pool lighting replacement. The latter should fit your pool light fixture appropriately. In addition, the fixture will provide you with the accurate information necessary for the pool light replacement, such as the type of light bulb. 

If the details on the fixture are worn out, you can compare the diameter of the burned-out bulb with those in the market. According to Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, it is essential to pick a replacement light bulb of the right size to avoid water penetration into the fixture, which would result in a short circuit.

3. Remove the Old Bulb

Once you have turned off the electricity and assembled all the necessary appliances, you should start the replacement process. Unscrew the top of the light bulb fixture to remove the bulb from the casing. After pulling the light bulb assembly from the casing, you should remove the gasket, lens, and face. For such a process to occur, the electric cord should be of adequate length to allow you to carry the repair outside the pool.

You should then unscrew the light bulb and clean the whole assembly to remove moisture and corrosion. Certified Electricians from our company, Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, advise homeowners to avoid scraping the bulb assembly because the replacement bulb might not fit afterward.

4. Screw-in the New Bulb

Firstly, you should carefully screw the new bulb and install the face, gasket, and lens.  Secondly, you should return the light fitting to the casing and have the set screw replaced. Once you have completed all the said procedures, you should turn on the electricity to see if the pool light bulb is functioning.

Schedule Pool Light Instalaltion Service

Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is committed to providing our clients with advice and help regarding pool lighting replacement. Our electricians are available to assist you in solving electrical problems, including replacing pool lights.