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January 22,2018

How to Install a Ceiling Fan Where No Fixture Exists

Ceiling fans are great to install in areas like living rooms and patios. Whether it be the summer or winter, they’re great support in the household. What if you want a ceiling fan installed in your home but you don’t have a fixture? The installation process might require a bit more work, but it’s not impossible to do. Hire an electrician from Mr. Electric to have your ceiling fan installation scheduled today.

The Location of Your Ceiling Fan

In order to start installing the fan, you need to decide where you want it to go. This step is important because a ceiling fan that is installed improperly can be a serious safety hazard. An average ceiling fan weighs anywhere from around 15 to 50 pounds. Make sure to choose the appropriate support joints to hold the ceiling fan in place. Remember that the support on a roof fan separates it from your customary light installation. To help the vibration and weight of the fan, the ceiling fan boxes need to have braces to help support joists. Whenever you've thought about all of this and found the fitting area, mark it and cut an opening in the roof with a hand or saw.

Turn Off Electricity

This is the most crucial step in the installation process. To avoid electrocution and other safety hazards, head to the circuit that powers your ceiling fan and switch it off. If you’re not sure which circuit belongs to the ceiling fan, cut off all the power.

Electrical Wiring

Once the electric circuit is cut off, test the wires with a voltage tester before touching them. You can never be too safe, so make sure you’re following every safety precaution recommended. After you’ve secured your safety, look around for a wall switch that can control your fan and pay attention to where it’s located so you can drill the wall and place the wiring in the correct spot. Go up to your attic and drill a one-inch hole to place your wiring; drill a hole in the electrical box of the wiring too.

Use fish tape to locate the hole you made and pull wires that match the gauge of the already existing wiring. Join your new wires to the fish tape with electrical tape and start fishing the wires through the switch box and to your roof. Staple the wires each couple of feet and join them to the joists in your storage room.

Install the Electric Box

Once you’ve gone over all the preceding steps, you can begin to install the electric box. If you have one support joist, the box can be nailed to the joist. If you have two, you will need the assistance of a brace and saddle. Cut a hole in the center of the support joists and push the brace with the electric box attached through the hole. Secure the brace according to instructions and slip a saddle over it. Insert the wiring to proceed to the next step.

Mount Your Fan

Once you’ve installed the electric box and connected the wiring, it’s finally time to mount the ceiling fan. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, start assembling the fan onto its location. Turn the circuit power back on and test the fan to see if it’s working. During any time in the installation process, if you feel like you’ve done something wrong or don’t know how to continue, call an affordable electrician from Mr. Electric so we can do the ceiling fan installation. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help when needed.