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September 17,2022

Embrace the Future with a Smart Home Upgrade

The future has finally arrived. Only a few years ago, having a home that ran on voice command was something out of a science fiction movie. Now, not only is such advanced technology available, but it’s affordable and relatively simple for today’s homeowners to integrate with the help of a professional electrician. If you’re ready to jump headfirst into the 21st century, the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth are ready to help. From remote access, keyless entry locks to Alexa commanded lighting systems, the possibilities available for DFW homeowners are almost limitless. Call today to find out how our certified Fort Worth electricians can help you achieve the smart home of your dreams. 

What Can You Do with a Smart Home System?

Many appliance, lighting and smart electronics manufacturers are creating new products based on popular technology already available in the marketplace. Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and other automation control systems can be used as a general “hub” for voice commands and remote control of your integrated devices, including indoor and outdoor lighting, video recording doorbells, smart locks, smart TV’s, temperature controls, alarm system, garage door openers, kitchen appliances and more. In fact, it seems that more features are becoming available every day that can make your life easier. Barcode scanners can send information to your microwave and oven for customized time and temperature controls. You can set your entire lighting and air conditioning systems to be turned off and on when someone enters or leaves your home. Unlock the door for your teenager via phone app without leaving the office. The best part is that once your electronic system is set up and ready to go, adding new features, downloading software updates and integrating new appliances will be easy. 

Do You Need a Professional Electrician for Installation?

Individual devices may not require an electrician’s assistance. However, at some point you’ll get tired of having to access separate apps and control systems for each item. If the point of creating a smart home is convenience, then accumulating a complicated, disorganized mess of smart devices eventually becomes self-defeating. When you set up a comprehensive system, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate all your smart devices into one central control unit. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll know that your new investments won’t be damaged due to an overburdened electrical system. 

Are You Ready to Upgrade to a Smart Home in DFW? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth 

Have you been thinking about investing in the newest high tech appliances and smart devices, but feel overwhelmed about how to integrate them correctly? If you’re ready to bring the world of the future into your DFW home, all it takes is one phone call. Contact the certified, licensed and insured electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our team of well trained, experienced Fort Worth electricians can install the perfect smart home system for maximum convenience and energy savings. Call today to find out more information or to schedule a convenient appointment with a certified electrician near you.