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June 22,2017

Electrical Services for Barns and Livestock Shelters

Are you a North Texas landowner who is considering purchasing livestock? Whether you wish to start your own full scale farm or ranch, or simply want to provide for the needs of your family, caring for livestock can be a fulfilling decision. Unfortunately, many people abandon their dreams because the task of building shelters, barns and fencing seems too overwhelming. Don’t let fear defeat your goals, instead, get help from the certified electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, Texas. Our experts provide a variety of commercial and residential electrical services in Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Benbrook, Aledo, Weatherford and other nearby DFW communities. Here are just a few of the ways our talented electricians can get your new farm or ranch off to a great start. 

Electrical System Installation

Electricity is needed for many aspects of farm life, from incubating eggs to milking your cows or goats. It’s important to have a quality and safe electrical system that can handle the demands of your operation. You may need more than one new electrical system installed, depending on how many facilities are required to meet the needs of your homestead or commercial farm. Whether you’re already tied into the city grid, or you’re starting fresh on raw land far into the countryside, our team of experienced electricians will help you find the perfect solution. 

Electric Gates and Fencing Systems

One of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of owning livestock, is keeping your cows, goats, pigs and other animals from walking onto neighboring property. If your wondering herds successfully escape, they could be hit by vehicles, and you could be held legally responsible for any damage or personal injury they cause while on the loose. Protect your animals and your investments by installing quality electric fencing and gates. From battery powered portable fence lines to automatic swing gates with attached solar panels, our electricians will work with you one on one to find a system that works best for your unique needs and budget. 

Circuit Upgrades

Do you already have an old barn on your property? Did you inherit a farm or ranch from a friend or family member? Have you purchased a previously owned property with outdated livestock stock shelters? Old wiring and insufficient circuits are a recipe for disaster. Today’s modern technologies may require an upgrade. We offer a variety of upgrades including dedicated circuit installation for large equipment and machinery, GFCI outlet installations, wiring repair, electrical panel replacements and more. 

Professional Inspections

Are you unsure if your current electrical system is able to handle the needs of a backyard barn? Then call the professionals at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, and we’ll conduct a thorough inspection. There’s no reason to risk the dangers of electrical fires, electrocutions or equipment damage. 

Standby Generator Installation

Lightning storms, freezing sleet, heavy winds and pounding rain can all put stress on your electrical system. While losing power to your home can be inconvenient, losing electricity in your barn or livestock shelters could lead to extensive property damage, spoiled harvests and even the death of your valuable animals. Don’t let the success of your homestead be left to the whims of our erratic North Texas climate. Be prepared for anything by installing your own standby generator. You’ll be able to stay on task and capable of weathering any storm nature throws your way. 

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