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September 23,2023

Dangers of Ungrounded Outlets

Was your home of office space built decades ago? Then there’s a possibility that your older property has ungrounded outlets. Many property owners realize their electrical system isn’t properly grounded, and are unsure what they should do about it. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we enjoy helping local customers have a safe and reliable source of power to fuel their modern lives. We want the same for you as well. Here’s some more information about ungrounded outlets, so you can make an informed decision about your current electrical system. 

What Is an Ungrounded Outlet?

On normal modern outlets, there are three holes. One vertical slot represents the hot wire, and the other the neutral wire. There is also a third rounded hole below them with a ground wire that’s connected to the neutral slot. While such a design may seem redundant, it actually performs an important function, as it forces excess energy through the ground wire and back to your panel. When a ground wire isn’t present, that extra electricity tends to travel elsewhere, such as metal objects and in some unfortunate cases, humans. Look at all the outlets around your property, and if you see any covers with only two prongs, then you’ve got an ungrounded outlet to contend with. 

Common Hazards Associated with Ungrounded Outlets

Leaving ungrounded outlets in place can present a myriad of problems for homes and businesses. Not only does it dramatically increase the chances of electrocution and personal injury, it can also result in electrical fires and extensive property damage. To top it off, ungrounded outlets are normally only found in older homes, which implies that the wiring may be old and worn out as well. This only exaggerates the dangers of your electrical system becoming hazardous. 

Should You Upgrade Your Outlets? 

Yes. If your home or commercial property still uses ungrounded outlets, it’s time for an upgrade. Otherwise, you’re taking unnecessary risk and putting yourself and others in harms way. Call a certified electrician to perform an outlet upgrade as soon as possible. It’s best to also invest in a proper electrical inspection to determine the efficiency and safety of your wiring and other outdated electrical components.  

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