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May 06,2019

Brighten up Outside Spaces with Accent Lighting

Lighting is a significant aspect of every business or residence. The functional importance is the first that comes to mind: great lighting is essential in providing clear vision of and inside of a dwelling. Unsurprisingly, most property owners install their lighting to meet this basic necessity. A less prominent yet equally powerful reason for installing lighting is to provide aesthetics to a space. Stylish lighting brings out the best in your home or business and professional lighting work can easily raise the value of your property. Still, selecting your lighting involves even more than choosing between style and function. This article, brought to you by Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, will go over some differences between some lighting types before focusing on accent lighting for the outside spaces on your property.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is the foundation of interior lighting. Ambient lighting is the most commonly used as it plays the vital role of illuminating the total area with an even distribution of light. As the most dominant of lighting, ambient lighting mostly serves a function over style. Though ambient lighting can come in a variety of styles using chandeliers, downlights, and other fixtures, ambient lighting’s main goal is to provide a comfortable level of brightness for the residents to see clearly and easily.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is more targeted than the general lighting of ambient lighting. Task lighting helps you to see in locations where general lighting does not reach or does not need to reach. Examples include those under cabinets, guiding lights in hallways, or desk lamps. Task lights are focused on functionality as much as, if not more than, general lighting but in localized area.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the cream of the crop in lighting used to accentuate the most desirable aspects of a property or even distract from undesirable aspects. Accent lighting is mostly aesthetic and can significantly increase the value of your property. Successful utilization of accent lighting will draw attention to and beautify a building or space. Like makeup, accent lighting makes certain features of a property more prominent. If you are the type of person to decorate the outside of your home with furniture, accessories, or other décor, then accent lighting will make it all even more gorgeous.

The following are some accent lighting ideas for your property:

Front Door Lighting: Welcome yourself as well as your guests with warmth. Depending on your entryway, Mr. Electric of Fort Worth’s trained expert electricians will help you choose among a variety of styles, sizes, and placements for front door accent lighting. For instance, hanging lights are a wonderful option for tall entrances. If your entrance is preceded by a walkway, then consider piers to create a walkway experience that welcomes visitors even before you open the door.

Landscape Lighting: If you have put in time to create a beautiful garden, then there’s no reason to be limited to viewing its beauty to when the sun is out. With accent lighting, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor well into the evening. Ask your Mr. Electric of Fort Worth expert about how you can implement a little extra security to your property by installing motion-sensor-activated landscape lighting.

Home Exterior Lighting: Christmas does not have to be the only time your house is fabulously lit. With exterior accent lighting, you can highlight the gorgeous architecture of your home. Give Mr. Electric of Fort Worth a call today and ask us what lighting placement will ideally accentuate your property’s aesthetics.