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June 23,2021

Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter

Smart electricity meters are becoming more and more popular as electric companies continue to adopt the new technology in their communities. Yet, many property owners are not even aware that their meter has been upgraded. Others may know that they have a smart meter but are not exactly sure what the difference is. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we provide high quality commercial and residential electrical services including energy audits, electrical inspections, wiring upgrades, energy monitor installations, smart home device integrations and so much more. Have you wondered what kind of benefits your smart electricity meter is providing? Here are a few of the most important rewards that property owners enjoy after switching to a smart meter. 

What Makes a Smart Electricity Meter Different? 

Smart meters record the amount of electrical power used throughout your household. Conventional analog meters, which have spinning dials for recording energy usage, must be periodically read by individuals who work for the electric company. Employees will park their car near your residential street, and walk around to each house, writing down the numbers on a form. Since most electric companies have a limited staff and a large number of customers, meter reader’s will only record each individual household every other month. They will estimate the amount of electricity used in the months that your property is skipped. Smart electricity meters use two-way radio signals much like cell phones that transmit information directly to the utility company. This means there is no guess work involved, as the new meters offer more accurate information for monthly billing. 

Four Important Benefits of Smart Meters 

There are many benefits that property owners can enjoy once their utility company has upgraded to smart meters, here are four of the most significant rewards: 

More Data – Both property owner and electric company receive detailed information about energy usage, which can help communities learn ways to reduce energy consumption, save money and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Better Accuracy – Since billing is not dependent on the average energy usage of previous month, consumers can enjoy more accurate data and save money long term. 

Cost Savings for the Utility Company – In-person meter reading is much less cost effective. Switching to smart meters can help the electric company reduce their operating expenses, and those savings can be passed on to their customers. 

Power Outage Detection – Utility companies can quickly detect power outages because of the changes in real-time data. This translates into faster resolution of electrical issues for residents and businesses.

Are You Looking for Ways to Monitor Your Energy Usage? Call Mr. Electric Today 

Is your local electric company slow to adopt this new technology? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the incredible benefits of energy monitoring with a power consumption meter installation at your electric panel. This device will offer real-time information about your energy usage, so you can find ways to save money long term. Call the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth and find out how we can help. Contact our office for more information about our wide variety of residential and commercial electrical services, or to schedule an appointment with a certified, licensed and insured electrician in Fort Worth, Benbrook, Lake Worth, White Settlement, Saginaw, Arlington, Haslet, HEB, Keller, Burleson, Weatherford, Aledo, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Texas or a nearby metro DFW area community.